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TICA Standards & Homepage

CFA Homepage

CFA Southern Region

ACFA Homepage

Selkirk Rex Breed Club

Selkirk Rex Club Homepage

Florida Pet Pages

Revival Animal Supplies

Jeffers Animal Supplies

Petco Animal Supplies

Dr. Foster & Smith Supplies

Breeders Assistant Software

LaPurr'fect Selkirk Rex

Nitewind Selkirk Rex

Raggledazzle Ragdolls

Absolutely Cats

CourtlyCats Selkirks & Brits

Stonehavens Brits

Smarter Living Travel

Travelocity Travel Deals

Breederware Software

Cat Fabrics

Newlamb Selkirk Rex

Flea Control Online

Selkirk Rex Breed Club

Kresant Selkirk Rex & Brits


Peeps Selkirk Rex & British Shorthairs


Purwaky Selkirk Rex

Catequil Selkirk Rex

KalicoKitz Selkirk Rex

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