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Welcome To Country Curls Cattery

Country Curls Cattery is located outside of Tampa, Florida in a small town called Thonotosassa.. My husband & 2 children are wonderful with the cats! We have a few acres to raise our animals & children on. I saw my first SR in the Annual 2000 CATS Magazine & new after I laid my eyes on IW RW SGC Oaktree Cream Kid of Moonglo - a cream male SR. I was drawn to their curly coats & unique look. This cat is Truley a CAT IN SHEEPS CLOTHING as the hair is so soft & it is wonderful to run your fingers throughout it! They have curly coats from birth & although some coats differ, they come in short, medium & long coats, some are curlier than others & some hold different types of curls, anywhere from ringlets to waves. Selkirk Rex breeders continue to develop the gene pool as one of the newest breeds! The Selkirk Rex can be outcrossed to Persians, Exotics & British- shorthairs as the decision to use these particular allowable breeds as outcrosses was made on the basis of improving the type, & more importantly, increasing the size of the gene pool.


The SR has been in the development for more than 10 years and began when a curly cat named Miss DePesto was rescused from the Bozeman Human Society by an employee who recognized her unusual coat. Her friend Jeri Newman who was a persian breeder discovered that Miss Depesto was the locus of a mutant gene, that was later confirmed by geneticists! Miss Depesto was breed to a black persian which resulted in 1/2 of the litter being curly & 1/2 straight- haired. Miss Depesto was only breed 5 times - once to PhotoFinish, twice to Oscar, once to Mr. Rogers, & once to a shaded golden Persian (CH Razberrilane Purrpower of Big Sky). In the 10years that followed, breeders from around the world worked together to develop a breed that would be accepted into the Cat Fanciers Associations. May 2000 the SR advanced into the Champion status in CFA. Hair samples from Oscar & Lil'Bopeep's Snowman were sent to genetics experts, along with background info. on the origin of the breed & because this gene proved to be dominant, unlike the Devon or Cornish Rexes, it was obviously different from either one!

My Cattery

The primary purpose of my cattery is to help shape the development & to promote these fantastic cats in to the show world & into homes where people can enjoy beautiful curly coated cats for their sweet dispositions! We show mostly CFA but also with TICA when they come to Florida & occasionally with ACFA. All my cats are registered with all three associations.

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