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Country Curls Dams

GC,BW LaPurr'fect BlueBell

CFA's #1 LH Selkirk Rex for 2001-2002
Blue Shaded & White
Sire:Lapurrfect Shag Me Baby
Dam:Lapurrfect Lucile

CH Reigningcats Brown Sugar

Brown Classic Tabby
Sire:Lapurrfect Howalot of Reigningcats
Dam:Lapurrfect Sassy of Reigningcats

Nitewind Red Hot Mama

Red McTabby
Sire:SGC Serenitie Mary's Lambz of Nitewind
Dam:Mystyhaven Penny of Nitewind

Red Hot Mama has delivered kittens. Please check the kittens page for more information!!!

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